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There are a number of new classes available, including one mainly for those who feel that you are still weak in conversation after learning N5.

2 Beginner classes
1 Conversation class
1 N2 prep class
1 N4 prep class
1 N5 prep class

Please check the New classes link for more info.






Just on the train now to work.

JLPT is just another 2.5 mths away. Are you guys nervous?

Start doing your preparation now!

There will be some preparatory classes and new conversation classes coming up. Do visit this website frequently to avoid missing out these information.



Last min N2 Prep Class

Dear all,

Due to demand, i am going to conduct a last min N2 Prep class for those taking JLPT N2 in July.

Date: 19-23rd Jun 2017 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 7-10pm
Fees: $450 (less than 4 ppl), $400 (5-6 ppl)
Slots: 6

Lesson 1: Grammar
Lesson 2: Grammar
Lesson 3: Tackling Comprehension
Lesson 4: Tackling Listening
Lesson 5: Important Vocabulary/Kanji


Basic Japanese for Children

Dear all,

I will be organizing a 30 hours short course for children from 12-16 years old who are interested to learn some Japanese during the June school holidays.

Lesson details are as follows:

Dates: 5th-16th June 2016
Time: 2.30pm-5.30pm
Venue: Wilkie Edge Hanis restaurant
Fees: $400 (recommended textbook optional at $70)
Slots: 6

History of Japanese
Hiragana Chart
Conversational Sentence Structures
Introduction to Japanese Culture
How to navigate around Tokyo/Osaka
How to plan for a trip to Japan
Basic Conversation
Understanding Japanese animation

This is a good time for children who  are Parents who are interested may drop me an email to arrange for a meetup for me to show you all the materials. Early bird discount is eligible for those who make full payment by end March. A receipt and e-Book for the 1st 5 lessons would be issued upon payment of fees.



Beginner Class (Friday evening)

Hi all,

Have decided to quit my job at the travel agency. Maybe i would feel more comfortable.

I am starting a new class on Friday evening. Pls see the below for details.

Starting Date: 10th March 2017 (Friday)
Time: 7-830pm
Slots: 6
Textbook: $15
Fees: $200 for 10 lessons, $350 for 20 lessons

Early bird discount available. Pls contact me asap for more details.












何にせよ、時間は止まりません。時間はあなたを待ちません。嫌な記憶を忘れて、次の一歩を踏み出しましょう。 =)


Parting message from 1 of my students…

Received a parting msg from 1 of my students, who is unable to continue studies due to work.

“Sensei, I really admire your dedication to impart your knowledge to your students and I hope that you don’t change. You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I’m sure that all your students can see the passion that you have for teaching. I hope to be able to take your classes again and I hope that you will still accept me as your student one day. ” 🌻

This is why i continue to teach despite having my full time job. During my 10 yrs of teaching, i have seen students who are really grateful despite of work commitments, at least sending a thank you msg, and those that are just like a student who treats the lessons between us like a bank transaction. Like saying just “Hi-Bye” kind of thing. No matter which kind of students there are, i think as long as i did my part of work, i feel that is enough. I cannot stop what my students think of me, but at least i can change what i think of myself. Whatever extra that comes, its just a privilege, not an entitement.

-feeling 感情的


JLPT Analysis

Hi guys, wishing you all a Happy CNY in advance. Hope all of us continue to excel in our Japanese studies.

By the way, i wanted to show you guys this. Hope you guys can find some similarity between the alphabets and the scores, which i will explain to my students in private…
apart from two of the N1 and one of the N4 (the one that failed N4 havent finished syllabus for N4, but look at his score for vocab, grammar and reading), the rest are my students scores… especially the N2 one, v ez to see the difference in the marks and the alphabets.



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